Consultant Package

Consultant Package

Designed for individuals who are building their home as a homeowner, the consultant package will allow you to build with confidence, knowing there is a licensed professional guiding you through the process.  This package  includes the following:



Once you have a dimensioned floor plan, we will draw up your house in 3D using Google’s Sketchup modeling platform.  The model will allow you to visualize the home before it’s built.  It will allow you to plug in your flooring, wall color, and cabinet choices and see how they go together before you purchase expensive materials.



If you are applying for financing, you will need to have a line-itemed budget.  We can assist you in developing this budget in a way that is accurate and acceptable to your lender.  Budgets include a 40-50 line itemed list in Google Sheets format, so you can easily edit the budget as you see fit.



One of the most difficult tasks is hiring subcontractors who are professional, will do the job correctly, and will have competitive prices.  Over the course of years, we have developed a first-class team of expert subcontractors that we will pass along to you.  You don’t have to use these individuals, but we are confident that they will provide you with an excellent product as a great price.



Many things can go wrong while building a custom home…subcontractors will ask you about how to frame around the fireplace and whether or not you need a portal frame at your garage door.  HVAC crews will ask you about duct return placement, and you’ll get to the end of your project and realize your stove doesn’t fit the space you left!  It can be very frustrating and every little step may require time for you to research.  We will meet with you weekly to walk the project and  help you figure out solutions to the issues you encounter.

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